Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Introducing The Hover Trimmer Kit System

Turning any traditional strimmer into a Hoover strimmer

AutoLawnMow Ireland is proud to unveil a world first in Hoover strimming. The technically advanced Hover Trimmer system is a bolt on kit that turns a standard petrol-driven trimmer into what can be easily described as highly efficient and easy to operate new way to use your traditional strimmer.

The new Hover strimmer kit fits easily and quickly to the head of any standard petrol driven trimmer without the need for special tools or skill from the operator. It replaces the nylon string of a regular trimmer with a very advanced and aerodynamically designed blade that produces a cushion of air which the Hover Trimmer literally floats on.

A major benefit of this cushion of air is that the Hover Trimmer become almost weightless and makes it very easy to manoeuvre over uneven surfaces and on inclines or sloped areas. This also helps reduce the risk of injury through back strain or the pulling of muscles.

With safety being of paramount importance to the Hover Trimmer operator, the unique blade is housed in a lightweight yet strong Hover Dome enclosure which provides exceptional protection for the operator from flying debris. It also helps negate the possibility of injury to the feet.

The patented design of the new Hover Trimmer kit allows the blade to spin at speeds in excess of 5,000 rpm which means that grass to be cut is literally sucked in through the front of the hover dome and turned into mulch. This eliminates the need for clearing up afterwards, saving you time and energy.

The tiny pieces of cut grass are a natural fertiliser and nutrient for grass which helps to maintain your strimmed area and reduce the need for chemical fertilisers meaning more environmentally friendly gardening.

The new Hover Trimmer kit is available in two sizes, small and large. The small system has a cutting blade of 8 inches and requires a 25cc engine or higher while the larger version has a cutting blade area of 12 inches and needs a minimum engine size of 30cc upwards to power the blade.

Every Hover Trimmer system is manufactured in accordance with the health and safety regulations EEC 89/392, European safety laws n.626 of 19/09/1994 and also n.242 19/03/1996

AutoLawnMow Ireland who are the sole European distributor see a number of domestic and commercial applications for the Hover Trimmer Kits. Mr. Patrick McCann, Managing Director says “We have had a huge response to the Hover Trimmer from regular gardeners who like the thought of having an easy to use and effortless method of cutting their long grass areas through to those who have awkward or sloped gardens. We have also had enquiries from public service and maintenance companies who see the Hover Trimmer kits as a replacement for the more traditional type strimmer nylon cords”.

The Hover Trimmer system is available directly from AutoLawnMow Ireland and through their network of dealers countrywide. For more details or to find your nearest agent, please visit

For sales enquiries contact: Patrick McCann

AutoLawnMow Ireland

M 086-3970917


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mr Patrick Mc Cann founder of AutoLawnMow Ireland interviewed by RTE Evergreen program

Ireland has fast become a nation of technology end users over the past 10 years or so,Irish people have adopted to computers - internet - automatic home gates- Automatic washing machines - Automatic Car washers - Automatic Tumble dryers not to mention the
Irish mobile phone craze. Nat sav systems for location guides can now be found in most Irish cars and trucks on the roads.

Irish people just love new technologies and has embraced them as much if not more than other European countries.AutoLawnMow Ireland has seen a huge take up on the new Automatic Robotic Lawn Care Systems.

In 2007 it was a touch year launching this new line of technology into the Irish market says Patrick mc cann founder.Despite it been tough AutoLawnMow Irelands first year in the market place was all positive and the sales went very well.

Like any new technology it just took a little while for people to understand how they worked and the benefits.2008 has seen sales literally explode across the 32 counties as more and more people are becoming aware of the products, and how they work plus the real benefits long term of having a home Automatic lawn care system fitted in their home.

By viewing our image gallery on our site you will be able to view Autolawnmow attending home and garden expo shows all across Ireland in 2008. This has really exploded sales nationwide as the word is quickly spreading among people. Special thanks to all the media coverage AutoLawnMow Ireland has received over the past year as this also has helped spread the news about our product lines of ECO robotic lawn care systems.

AutoLawnMow Ireland has now 126 technicians in place spread throughout the 32 counties who are all highly trained in after sales and servicing. This is vital as our mission at AutoLawnmow Ireland is to provide one of the best after sales and services within the Industry.
One special feature about our product lines is should an error occur within a system your local technician can quickly visit your home and carry out an on site repair for 99% of the issues.
Meaning downtime for your system is reduced to a mere 60 mins. No having to haul your lawn mower away to a local lawnmower workshop.

No waiting days to get repaired.AutoLawnmow Ireland provide an instant repair on site. Our customer love this feature and AutoLawnmow Ireland would like to pay a special thanks to all our customers who put there faith in our company at the start.

Thank you to all who have purchased a system from us and also to those customers who shared the word with friends etc. Thank you for helping us get started around Ireland and for placing your trust in us.

Grass growth is almost all year round in Ireland these days, as in 2007 AutoLawnmow Ireland was still fitting robotic lawn care system right up to Christmas week. Due to climate change in Ireland we seem to need lawns mowed all year round here.

Again this would be true only to those homeowners who keep their lawn clean and trimmed all year round.Fuels prices are rising and oil and disposing of grass has become a major concern for many homeowners.AutoLawnMow Ireland home robotic lawn care systems cost only €7 per year to run plus you have no grass to dispose of as the robot mows daily resulting in all your tiny grass fibres been munched back into your lawn as natural feed. A win win for the home owner.

Please check back our this blog from time to time for up-dates.AutoLawnMow Ireland look forward to launching yet another new model into the Irish market in March 2009.
This new model will cater for small town house lawns. The model is called the L50 and the technology onboard is mind blown As the robot requires no installation. Simple drop it on the lawn and watch it mow. When it meets edges it auto detects kerbs and paths etc.

Press and Go is all a home owner is required to do with this tiny small model. More details will be released later on this very exciting new model.

A picture of the new L50 model can be viewed in our Image Gallery link on our site.
Thank you for taken the time to read about AutoLawnMow Ireland.

Contact Founder of AutolawnMow Ireland @ 086-3970917

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Robot Lawn Mowers for A perfect lawn without the hard work

Technology has played indispensable role in bringing comfort to human beings and now it has come with one more addition to your home as well office life i.e. Automatic Lawn Mowers Manufactured by Zucchetti (Ambrogio), a world leader in robotics , built to provide optimum operation for lawn mowing without having to attend to it.

You can make the most of your time using these robot lawn mowers as these can be programmed to execute on weekly tasks and that too on their own. You can see them working while you sit back.

Automatic lawn mowers by Auto Lawn Mow are very quiet and virtually silent while working. Imagine your mower mowing your lawn automatically and quietly at night in cold winters without you attending it and without even hampering your sleep.

Here are few more features and benefits offered by Auto Lawn Mowers

  • No need to collect cut waste grass clippings
  • Environmentally friendly ("green") - no petrol, oil or smoke emissions
  • Many safety features - exclusive, patented
  • Designed for use on over 90% of Irish lawns of any size
  • Waterproof with onboard rain sensor to determine grass and weather conditions
  • Child and pet friendly - Safety Features include stop lift sensor, identifies flower beds, trees, rocks and other lawn obstacles using its high tech onboard navigation sensors
    With our automatic lawn mower, valuable nutrients are returned to your lawn on every mowing cycle.
  • Auto Lawn Mow, Ireland gives Full two years warranty on all robot lawn mower models. All models are available for both the domestic and commercial end user.

    Join the thousands of people who say their lawns have never looked so green and healthy! Get your robotic lawn mower today! Contact your local dealer here at

    Or Visit

    BallingValley, Oldcastle,

    Co.Meath, Ireland

Monday, March 3, 2008

Using Robot Lawn mowers as domestic help

The use of robots around the home to mow lawns, vacuum floors and manage other chores has surged up as more consumers prefer smart machines to handle their day to day activities without a need to attend to those machines.

A report, issued by the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe and the International Federation of Robotics at the end of 2003, said that out of total domestic robot sales 570,000 were robot lawnmowers and Sales of vacuum cleaning robots reached 37,000.

Fully automatic lawn mowers are designed to mow your lawn all by themselves. The Basic L200 Auto Lawn Mow model can mow an area of up to one third of an acre of lawn and then return home to recharge at the base station - all without human intervention and Auto Lawn Mow Evolution L200 model can handle over one acre of grass! Clean, effective and fully automatic, you can sit back and relax while the robot does all the work.

Robot Lawn mowers are environmentally Friendly- With global warming now being a major concern you can have peace of mind with these mowers. All Auto Lawn Mow models run on rechargeable Lithium ion batteries; and do not use petrol or burn oil like conventional lawn mowers.

Our Robot lawn mowers work very quietly, so you can program them to work in night while you sleep.

AutoLawnMow's Robot Lawn Mowers are specially designed to cope with rainy weather. Rain Sensors in these robot lawn mowers alerts the robot to return to its docking station or stay in it's docking station while it's raining but on the other hand if you are using a simple electric lawn mower without a rain sensor, either you have to run yourself in rain to get your mower in shed or it will be useless.

Bump sensors in our robotic lawnmower protects the lawn mower from running over items that may be lying in the yard, hence increasing its life and efficiency.

Robot lawn mowers are a boon for People with allergy problems. Robot lawn mowers cut your grass while you sitting faraway, reading your favorite novel, and providing you with allergy relief.

Automatic lawn mowers save you time and effort. To buy an automatic lawn mower for green and healthy lawns that too without any hassles, visit or email us at